Places to Visit

  • Shree Swamy Mutt (Nirguna Padukas)

      The Main Mutt in Ganagapur where Shree Guru used to Stay is known as Nirgun Math. This Nirguna Math is adorned with the Nirguna Padukas.There is a Holy Tree of Ashwattha in the Temple (Nirgun Math). Shree Kshetra Ganagapur is a Holy Place of Lord Dattatreya and the place is very important “Darshaneeya kshetra”. The Kshetra Importance was explained by Shreeguru and it can be seen in “Shree Guru Charitra”.

      There is an Assurance from Shreeguru that he would forever abide at Ganagapur and go round the village for ‘Biksha’ at 12:00 noon is literally true even today.

      Offering “Madhukari” to the people at Ganagapur and taking Biksha from atleast 5 houses is having very importance at this Holy Place. Even today also, the process is continuing and the devotees are having faith that Lord Dattatreya is taking biksha everyday at Kshetra Ganagapur. Shree Guru Nrusimha Saraswathy Swamy confirmed the same and it can be seen in Gurucharitra Adhyay (chapter) 21-22.

      Shree Guru's Words to All His Devotees : “Vasathi Rani Sangamase Jate Nithya Bikshese Taya Gangapurase Madyana Kala Pareyasa”.

  • Sangam - Confluence of Bheema-Amaraja rivers

      Sangam is like Prayaga. The importance of Sangam was explained by Shreeguru in Shreegurucharitra. Whoever takes bath in Sangam, he will be free from his sins and his wishes will be fulfilled. Bath in Sangam in Kartheeka Maasam, Maagha Maasam, Makara Sankranthi, Poornima and Amaavasya days, before and after Grahana period is very virtuous.

  • Audumbar Vriksh (fig tree)

      After having bath in Sangam. Take a mug/pot/bottle of Sangam water and offer at the root of famous Audumbar tree. Do pradakshina with a minimum of 11/21/108 rounds to the tree by chanting Datta nama "DIGAMBARA DIGAMBARA SHREE PAADA VALLABHA DIGAMBARA".

      History of Audumbar Tree:

      According to Gurucharitra it is supposed to be the tree got shot from a dry twig by the grace of Sri Nrusimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj while curing leprosy of a learned vedic pandit.

      Leprosy disease of a brahmin by name Narahari was cured by Shree guru Nrusimha Saraswathy swamy and the story can also seen in Shreegurucharitra. Narahari bowed to Shreeguru and began to pray him at that time. The 8 sloka stotra composed by Narahari has become famous and are being reciting in the temple at night even today also.


      The stotra is now familiar as Nrusimha Saraswathy Ashtaka. Shreeguru blessed Narahari and said, whoever recites the sloka every day with full devotion, they will get ashta aishwarya, spiritual power, wealth, and fame.

      One who performs Guru Charitra Parayan with "Sapthaha deeksha" at the premises of this Audumbar tree, will definitely have the darshan of Lord Dattatreya in any form and their desires will be fulfilled.

  • Sangameshwaraalayam at Sangam

      After worshipping Audumbar at Sangam, worship Sangameshwara in the Sangameshwaralaya temple with devotion. This Shivalinga is like Mallikarjuna of Srisailam. Bow to Nandi and Chandi and have 3 rounds like round from Nandi to Chandi and Chandi to Nandi back and have darshan of Lord Shankara.

  • Ash Hill

      Ash hill is nearer to Sangam and it is said that there was a hill from which Ash came from the days of Lord Parashurama. Lord Parashurama performed penance at this place.

      The ash is very powerful and now it is in the form of Mud only. The wearing of ash by mixing with udhi is very powerful and it will protect those persons from DRISHTI doshas.

      If the ash is applied slightly everyday on the stomach part of pregnant ladies, then they will deliver a healthy child with some "Tejarupa".

  • Ashta Teerthas

      Nrusimha Teerth, Sreepada Teerth, Rudrapada Teerth, Bhagirathi Teerth, Paapa Nashaka Teerth,. Koti Teerth, Chakra Teerth Manmadha Teerth are termed as Ashta theerthas.

      The importance of bath in these Ashta teerthas is given in Shreegurucharitra. Some devotees are take bath everyday during their stay at Ganagapur and some are take atleast one time bath during their yatra period. Bath in Ashtateerthas in Poornima, Amaavasya, Karthika, Makara Sankramana, Naraka Chathurdashi days is very powerful.

  • Kalleshwar Temple

      Kalleshwaralaya is nearer to Manmadha theertha i.e., one of the Ashta theerthas The importance of Kalleshwar temple was also explained in Shree gurucharitra. Have darshan of this Shiv lingam.It is equal to having darshan of 12 Jyothir lingas.

  • Shirdi Saibaba ke Mutt

      nearby to Nirugun Mutt and on the way to Sangam

  • Vishranthi Katta

      Vishranti Katta is the Place on the way to Sangam from Ganagapur. It is the place where Shree Guru used to Relax while going to Sangam and while returning.

      This is in the Farm of the Farmer to whom Shri Guru blesses with Huge Yield of Crops even in the Scarcity and the Same can be Seen in Adhyay 48 of Shri Guru Charitra.

  • Chinthamani Ganapathi

      The idol of Chinthamani Ganapathy can be seen in the inner side of Swamy Mutt. Shree guru gave instructions to disciples to have darshan of this Ganapathi in Ganagapur.

  • Shri Shri Shri Adi Shankaracharya Mutt

      Recently on 25/06/2011, there had been the Grand Inauguration of Shri Adi Shankaracharya Mutt and there are the wonderful Idols of Shri Adi Shankaracharya, Goddess Sharadamba and Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati.

      This Place is on the Ganagapur-Sangam Road (beside the Gulvani Maharaj Ashram) and can be easily visited.

  • Shri Chakreshwar and Shri Keshav Dev Mandir

      These temples are beside the Chakra Teerth and are very near to the Nirgun Math & can be reached by walk.

  • Sati Katta

      This is the Place where the Young women Savitri (From Mahur) found her Husband Datta dead and started weeping. Later Shri Guru Revives his Life when the women visits Sangam for the Darshan of Shree Guru. The Story can be seen in the Adhyay 30 of Shri Guru Charitra.

  • Tantukeshwara Mandir

      This is the Temple where Tantuk, a Weaver to whom Shree Guru took to Srisailam on Maha Shivratri within some Moments (In Adhyay 44), used to Worship Lord Shiva. This Place is in front area of the Nirgun Math and can easily be visited.

  • Lord Maruti Mandir and Grama Devata Mandir

      You have Temple of Lord Hanuman at the Agasi (Starting Pt Of the Village) of the Village and besides this temple you have Grama Devata. There are also Temples of Maha Laxmi nearby Nirgun Math and Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir on way to Sangam.